A Complete Plan for Thriving with Kidney Disease

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Kidney Disease is a Slow, Silent and Painless Killer that Eats Away at your Quality of Life and Life Span

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or like you're in it alone?
  • Are you unsure what information about kidney disease is reliable, and what is not?
  • Have you been told dialysis is a matter of time, and does this scare you?
  • Have you found that treatment plans are expensive and unaffordable?

Start today with a complete program to health for Stage 3/4/5 kidney patients!

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Start with our acclaimed book series and understand why and how our program works.

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Follow your personal program for 90 days to get fantastic results.

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Verify your results together with your doctor through your blood work and/or urine tests.

Get Educated

In order to thrive with Kidney Disease it is important to understand it first.

If we have learned one thing working with over 2,000 patients in 20+ countries is that factual education on kidney disease is the single biggest factor in improving our outcomes.

Most patients are guessing at what factors improves out outcome, but this is a wrong approach for dealing with a deadly disease.

Stop the guesswork, and get educated.

Stopping Kidney Disease: A science based treatment plan to use your doctor, drugs, diet and exercise to slow or stop the progression of incurable kidney disease - Albutrix
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Follow the plan

After you get educated, you start making better decisions for your health and kidneys the very same day.

You will have learned that kidney disease is usually incurable (like heart disease), but you can create a game plan to live a long and healthy life with it.

The fastest and easiest way is to get a done-for-you plan that you can follow directly.The perfect kidney plan that contains:

  1. A proper diet containing protein rich foods;
  2. Supplements with the lowest possible workload on your kidneys;
  3. The recommended daily amounts (RDA) of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals;
  4. Personal guidance to help you build new habits to live a longer and healthier life.

Everything in this plan has been calculated to meet the latest guidelines from the National Kidney Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Watch you doctor be amazed

After following the plan for 90 days, we want you to validate your results with your doctor.

We alway advocate blood/urine testing to see if a certain diet, program or plan is working for you, and your doctor should be helping you evaluate the results.  

Your blood and urine test results are the gold standard when it comes to evaluating your progress and how well you are managing your disease.

We are the only program in the world that encourages patients to validate their results through tests and their doctor. because we know our plan works!

Additionally, we ask all patients to update us on their progress and results by sending regular check-in emails to support@kidneyhood.org

We are here to help you!

What Makes Us Different?

The Complete Kidney program is the only integrated program for slowing kidney disease progression in the world.

We are the only program available for stage 3, stage 4 and stage 5 kidney patients.

Our goal is to make you a successful kidney patient who can slow kidney disease progression dramatically (just like I did, with 23 years and counting!).

We give you the education, state of the art patented products, a diet plan, and all the support you need to become a successful kidney patient.

Successful kidney patients:

Have any questions?

We support and talk with patients every day, from all over the world. I would be happy to answer any questions you have personally. -Lee