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2024 Annual Best Practices Review

Our guiding principle at Kidneyhood.org has always been a clinically proven program to improve the health of kidney disease patients through diet and nutrition.  Our promise is to never offer any program, products or diets that we cannot clinically prove to be effective.

Several historic milestones have been achieved for the Kidneyhood.org program that consists of three components:

Kidneyhood.org low protein diet

Albutrix S3, S4 or S5

Microtrix low dose multivitamin

The Kidneyhood.org program met the standard for proving statically significant change in outcomes (clinically proven) in 2024.

  • 85% of patients achieved normal blood urea nitrogen or BUN levels
  • 100% of patients lowered blood urea nitrogen or BUN levels
  • 100% of patients improved GFR/eGFR with an average increase in GFR over 30%
  • 100% of patients lowered creatinine levels

The study is not complete yet, but early results show how effective the first clinically proven program for us can be. *

Kidneyhood program Kidney or renal diet books Protein supplements for kidney patients Supplements for kidney patients

Clinically proven kidney/renal diet

Clinically proven protein food (keto acid analog)

Clinically proven low dose multivitamin to ensure RDAs are met

Clinically proven long term nutritional safety

Clinically proven to improve three primary markers of kidney disease progression

Complies with latest guidance from NKF/KDOQI


Lowest nitrogen protein food Guarantee (keto acid analog)

Lowest calcium protein food Guarantee (keto acid analog)

Highest magnesium protein food Guarantee (keto acid analog)

Free support and troubleshooting for all patients

Optimized for each stage of kidney disease 3, 4 and 5

Free worldwide shipping

Made in the USA

Money-back Guarantee

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