The improvement is outstanding


Yes, I am Jim Bazan. I've had kidney disease for about four or five years. My kidney creatinine has changed somewhat over the time, going from basically 1.7, and finally ended up a few months ago at 5.21, which was real high. My daughter brought my attention to this book, Karen. She said she found this book, Stopping Kidney Disease. We went from there and started to follow the kidney diet. The improvements have been very outstanding. The doctors say so, and also I can feel it myself.

About three months ago, I went on a diet. That's when my kidney function, GFR was 11, and very bad. The creatinine was very high, at 5.1. Since this diet I have gone on with Stopping Kidney Disease, my creatine has dropped to 3.4. My GFR went from 11 to 19, which was extremely remarkable. In fact, I was told that would not happen.

They told me finally when I hit 11 on my GFR, they said, "You better prepare for dialysis." Hopefully now I am avoiding that situation. I had two kidney doctors. When I visited the kidney doctor at the University of Michigan, he listened to what I was saying and why I was on this diet. He said, "Okay." He dropped it and went on with his discussion with me. Called me two days after my visit to him and said, "Stay on the diet. It's amazing what's happening. Also take the Albutrix pills, which I was not doing. I did start those pills according to his recommendation. He is a kidney doctor. He's also a professor, a very wise and capable fellow.

Then the doctor in Grand Rapids looked at my labs. He said, "What are you doing? How did you change your kidney function that much?" He recommended that I stay on this diet as well and to take the pills, the Albutrix, also.

I've lost all the itching I had before. All of the weakness that I had before seems to be greatly relieved. It is amazing what it has accomplished so far. I would encourage everyone with this situation to stick with the diet and listen to what it says in the book on renal acids and on the AGEs, because those two lists in the book are very helpful. It took a couple of months to realize that there was benefit in this diet. After a couple of months when my labs started to change, it started to make me much more determined to stay with a diet. Once I have adjusted to eating this diet of salads and vegetables and no processed foods, I became used to it. It's not what I like, but it's what's best for me.

I was quite surprised that what I was told is that in a normal diet and follow the DaVita diet, but it does not work. It does not change anything in your labs. Whereas Stopping Kidney Disease by Lee Hull, if you follow the advice in the book and eliminate the meats and eliminate the dairy products, you will see an improvement in your kidney function. That's what I've seen, which I think I would like to make everybody aware of that this is useful and helpful to stop the progression of the kidney disease.