Albutrix S3 + Microtrix Multivitamin
Albutrix S3 + Microtrix Multivitamin<br> *Specially formulated for the special needs of patients with a GFR/EGFR greater than 40

Albutrix S3 + Microtrix Multivitamin
*Specially formulated for the special needs of patients with a GFR/EGFR greater than 40

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Albutrix S3, or stage three, is designed for patients with a GFR/eGFR greater than 40 and who do not have a magnesium intake restriction. Albutrix S3 does not contain tyrosine. Stage three patients are not deficient in tyrosine. However, tyrosine contributes to uremic toxins, so tyrosine intake should be avoided when possible. 

Microtrix multivitamin ships free with every Albutrix order.

Microtrix, is the first and  only multivitamin for kidney patients on a low protein diet.  Microtrix provides any shortfalls in the RDA so that long term nutritional safety is assured. All diets run the risk of malnutrition or overnutrition( getting too much of something).  Both of these are harmful to kidney patients. Microtrix also provide vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is associated with calcium regulation and reduced vascular calcification.

We include Microtrix with every Albutrix order to ensure all nutrition guidelines are met.

Note: One order is one bottle with 180 pills.

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As a kidney patient myself, I feel strongly that we should have every opportunity to try and slow the progression of kidney disease. The “Stopping Kidney Disease” book series led to the development of Albutrix and Microtrix. Albutrix and Microtrix are the results of a three-year research and development effort to provide the most up to date, safe and complete nutrition for patients worldwide.

Albutrix and Microtrix are manufactured in the USA.  Every lot/batch is tested before it is released to customers. 

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