Our Kidney Research

The need for a clinically proven program.


One of the biggest problems we face as kidney patients, dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, and other caregivers is the lack of a clinically proven program to follow. This fact leads to both caregivers and patients guessing about the best approach.  

We as patients with reduced kidney function need a precision integrated approach that is clinically proven, safe and effective.  We are working towards this goal right now.

Let me share the results from our first informal study which we used to improve the diet, Albutrix, and Microtrix.  It is also the basis for a longer-term study currently based on the standards set by the International Review Board(IRB). 

Patients provided blood tests both before and after a 90 day period on the diet and Albutrix.   The results are as follows:

Once the short-term study was completed and adjustments made.  A longer-term study was started using the following patient as a model.  

The patient’s blood work over one year can be seen here.  The diamonds on the chart indicate when the program was started.

As you can see, large improvements are possible over both short and longer-term periods. It is also possible to improve six or more quarters in a row. 

If you are an Albutrix customer, we ask that you consider being a part of building a real future for fellow kidney patients.  We are making rapid progress, but very little reputable information exists today based on the experience of hundreds of patients.  You can help us contribute to a greater goal of a clinically proven program to slow the progression of kidney disease for the first time in history.  If you qualify for the study, you will receive an email invitation with more information. 

My life was changed by this program and I hope we can change the lives of thousands of kidney patients regardless of where they live.